A Catholic church where each parish decides its own destiny
A Catholic church that welcomes all that wish to follow Christ
A Catholic church that whose property is owned by the people that purchase, build
and maintain it.
You don't have to imagine anymore.
Who We Are
Since 1920 St. Joseph's has provided an experience of the Christian faith that
combines the teachings of Jesus, the practices of Catholic tradition and the
sentiments of the 21st century within a personal community where members are
known by name. We are a part of a union of independent Catholic churches known
as the National Catholic Church denomination. There are six other sister churches in
Western Massachusetts and one in Connecticut. They are located in the communities
of Chicopee, Northampton, Ware, Webster, Deerfield and Enfield.
National Catholic
With our Catholic practices, we emphasize that we are an independent Catholic
church, which means that we are not under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic
Church. We have been such an autonomous Catholic denomination since 1897.
  • All parish property and investments are owned and supervised by the local
  • We have a parish committee that meets monthly to discuss the financial
    matters of the church.
  • St. Joseph's has annual and semi-annual parish meetings to vote on important  
    church matters such as fund raisers to improve the church property and
    salary matters relating to church employees. At the national church level there
    are synods to vote on bishops and prime bishop of our denomination.
  • The clergy of the National Catholic Church are free to marry if they so
    choose, reflecting a profound respect for the sacraments of marriage and the
    blessings of the Christian family
  • Out of respect for the conscience of our parishioners, the Sacrament of the
    Penance is administered to adults as General Confession, which means that
    the absolution is granted by the priest to the gathered congregation, but the
    examinations of conscience is performed silently by the penitent.
About St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's National Catholic Church
73 Main St.
Westfield, MA.  01085